ChinUp stops your neck from bending too far forward which can cause and aggravate neck pain, but still allows movement in other direction to keep your joints moving.

ChinUp is designed by an Australian spinal surgeon and bioengineers to be comfortable and easy to use, with its open design, adjustability to suit different neck sizes, and compact size for travelling.


Finally a comfortable, open design neck support that is easy to use and travel with!


ChinUp can help improve posture by reminding users to keep their head up. ChinUp can be worn twice a day for 15 minutes, to help promote better posture during day to day activities which may help with neck pain due to text neck syndrome and other forms of neck strain.


ChinUp can be used during travel when sleeping in an upright position to keep the head up which may avoid neck pain. Compared to other travel pillows, ChinUp has an open design to keep your neck cool and is easily packable into a compact size for maximum portability. ChinUp can be used for the duration of sleep during travel.


ChinUp limits too much forward bending of the neck which may avoid over-stretching of the neck muscles, but still allows movement in other directions to keep joint mobility. Additionally, its open design makes it more comfortable to wear and it can be used in dry or wet condition.