In a day
one adult person
could spend

9 hours

on the computer.[9]

Children who spend

more than
30 minutes
at a time

on their screens could suffer from chronic neck and back pain in later life.[10]

Up to


of office workers
suffer from neck pain.[11]

An increase in forward head position
increases the weight on the cervical spine.

Using computers and mobile devices too much can lead to poor neck posture and a condition called text neck syndrome.[3][4][6][7][8] Many studies have shown that poor neck posture is a major cause of neck pain especially in the workplace. 

Text Neck Syndrome
Dr Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, described text neck syndrome as an epidemic and becoming a major health concern with potentially serious long term effect on people’s posture.[1] 

Neck Injury
Many neck injuries are caused by over-stretching of the muscles in the back of your neck.[2][5] So tilting your head forward can aggravate these damaged muscles and delay the healing process.