The use of ChinUp is aimed at improving neck posture which may help with neck pain. It is designed to limit excessive forward flexion of the neck but still allows movement in other directions. It is recommended that the ChinUp is used twice a day for 15 minutes at a time, and not used for more than a total of 2 hours a day. This is so that the mobility of the neck is still preserved whilst posture is improving. ChinUp can be used for the duration of sleep during when sleeping upright. 


ChinUp disassembled in supplied case for ease of transport and protection.

Take out neck band and ensure the groove lines are on top (dimples are underneath).

Insert the left arm of the neck band into the lower bridge strut.

Insert the right arm of the neck band into the upper bridge strut.

NOTE: Neck band arm into the strut hole. Check pads are oriented correctly.


Place the neck band around your neck.

Rotate the lower bridge inwards and hold it steady with your left hand.

Rotate the upper bridge inwards until the magnet connects the two bridge parts.

Then continue rotating the upper bridge until it connects to the lower bridge.

TIPS: Hold down the lower bridge with your left fingers to keep it steady and use your right index finger to push the upper bridge inwards until you hear a click.

NOTE: Ensure the nuts are tightened sufficiently so that the bridge parts cannot come down when head is rested on the bridge.

To open the bridge, hold the lower bridge with your left hand, place your thumb near the edge of the upper bridge and push forward until its open.

Rotate both bridges outwards until facing forward before taking off.

WARNING: The bridge only has 90deg range, do not force pass the limit.


TIPS: It is recommended that you do this in front of a mirror so the height and the location adjustment is symmetrical.

Adjust the location of the struts by pulling along the neck band forward or backward. 

TIPS: You should feel the incremental adjustment and make sure location of right and left strut is the same.

Adjust the height of the strut accordingly. Rotate the nut on each bridge anticlockwise until it is loose. Adjust the bridge parts up or down to the desired height. Turn the nuts clockwise to tighten. 

WARNING: Only rotate the nut when the struts are connected to the neck band. Otherwise damage to the mechanism may occur.

NOTE: Take care to not pull the rod all the way out from the strut. If this occurs, carefully re-insert the rod into the strut. If required, you may need to rotate the rod or the nut slightly so the flattened section of the rod is in line with the flattened section inside the strut and fits together.



For posture correction at work, position the ChinUp bridge to only slightly touch your chin but not supporting it when your head is facing forward in neutral position.


For help with neck pain, position the ChinUp bridge so the chin can rest comfortably when the head is in neutral position looking forward.


When using ChinUp for sleeping in an upright position, the chin can be resting on the ChinUp bridge when head is tilted back against the seat. This stops the head from falling forward when user is asleep.


Hold the lower bridge with your left hand and place your thumb near the edge of the upper bridge.

TIPS: place thumb on the indent location.

Push upper bridge up and forward with your thumb until the mechanism is disengaged.

TIPS: Hold the lower bridge steady with your left hand.

Rotate both bridges outwards until facing forward before taking ChinUp off.


If you have suffered from severe injury or operation, please consult your physician before using the product. If you experience any pain after wearing it for an extended period of time, please discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. The product is not recommended for use while in a motor vehicle with airbags and while conducting mobility tasks as the effect on a person falling has not been assessed. The product contains a Neodymium magnet (Nd-Fe-B), 12mm in diameter and 2mm thick. If wearing a pacemaker or any other device that the magnet may interfere with, please consult your physician prior to using the device.


Keep the product in its packaging during transport to prevent breakage. Do not store under direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if required and air dried.